Tips for a Safe Prom & High-School Graduation Season

  Help keep your teen safe and make this season one to remember for all the right reasons…   1. SET CURFEWS Teen car crashes and deaths increase exponentially late […] Read More

It’s not pestering… It’s parenting

Every day it seems that we hear about kids using a new drug, such as K2, Molly, or Bath Salts.  Although the drugs change over time, alcohol is still the […] Read More

Serving Alcohol to Teens: Unsafe, Illegal, and Irresponsible

  The legal drinking age protects kids. Did you know that since laws established 21 as the minimum drinking age, the likelihood that a 15-20 year old driver will be […] Read More

Facts About Alcohol Poisoning…

Some people laugh at the behavior of others who are drunk. Some think it’s even funnier when they pass out. But there is nothing funny about the aspiration of vomit […] Read More

Teen Drinking & Driving – A Dangerous Mix

Car crashes—the #1 killer of teens—take about 3,000 young lives every year. As a parent, you should know that the main cause of teen crashes is driver inexperience. All new […] Read More

Drugged Driving: The Facts

Use of illegal drugs or misuse of prescription drugs can make driving a car unsafe—just like driving after drinking alcohol. Drugged driving not only puts the driver at risk, but […] Read More

High School Graduation – Nostalgia, Excitement, Possibility, and Temptation

  High school graduation is an important milestone in a young person’s life, and the season is often marked with parties, outings, and other celebrations. During this time there are […] Read More

Summer is a Risky Time for Youth Substance Use

  More teens start drinking and smoking cigarettes and marijuana in June and July than in any other month, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said in […] Read More

Risky Drinking Can Put a Chill on Your Summer Fun

  Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities with family and friends. For many people, a day at the beach, on the boat, or at a backyard barbecue will […] Read More


  While it’s true that children often idolize sports heroes and celebrities, they also idolize YOU. As a parent or caregiver, you have the power to help shape their attitudes […] Read More