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Do you attend a high school in Dutchess County?

If so, find out where CAPE’s prevention counselors are located within our area. They are placed in our partner schools, in order to offer free support for students.

What is prevention counseling?

Meeting individually or in small groups with youth who have not used substances but are high risk because of the presence of factors such as substance using friends, parents, or a sibling with a substance use disorder, etc. These sessions provide information and skills to reduce the likelihood of initiating substance use. Counseling can also include youth who have started using but don’t meet the criteria of a substance use disorder. Counseling interventions that include education, skill building, and motivational interviewing are used to eliminate use.

What else does CAPE do to help?

We provide recovery services to the community and local hospitals, free of charge. This includes Peer Engagement Specialists and Recovery Coaches.

We provide community education to local schools, organizations, and businesses. This includes program such as Teen Driving, Too Good for Drugs/Violence, the Butt Stops Here, and Teen Intervene.

We facilitate building of community coalitions, like the SDCC. These are diverse groups of community members who, through a shared planning process, develop and implement population level interventions to reduce the harms associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Coalitions most often engage in advocating for sound public health policy, promoting positive health messages, and activating the broader community for better health behaviors.

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