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The SDCC is a network of community members working together for a safe, healthy, and drug-free Southern Dutchess community (including Beacon, East Fishkill, Fishkill, Wappingers Falls, and the Wappingers Central School District Communities).


To support prevention efforts by identifying and reducing risk behaviors surrounding substance use/misuse/abuse/underage drinking in Dutchess County and the larger Mid-Hudson Valley.


A community fully engaged in health, wellness, and prevention initiatives focused on empowering youth and families through policy, practices, and programs.


The coalition meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 1 pm in the Fishkill Town Hall Community Room (on the basement level). We do not meet during the months of July and August.



SDCC is funded by a federal Drug-Free Communities grant through the Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), managed by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA).

Lead Agency/Fiscal Agent – CAPE of Dutchess County

CAPE is a contract agency of the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health and the Division of Youth Services. CAPE is licensed by the NYS Office on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).


The Southern Dutchess Community Coalition was conceived in 2002, when the Council received a five-year grant from the DFC. The second phase of the grant was awarded in the fall of 2014. The lapse between the first five and the second five years of the grant was a time of rejuvenation and growth for the coalition. During that period, it was re-built without funding in order to ensure its sustainability. Those efforts were successful, and the DFC recognized the coalition for its robust sector involvement and focus on sustainability during their Federal audit in 2015.

The SDCC created and developed a county-wide youth health rally in 2016. This special event brings together 9th grade public school students to focus on behavioral health, with an emphasis on substance use disorder risk and protective factors for adolescents. In 2017, there was an amazing turnout of 1500 youth participants at the rally, along with 20 health and wellness vendors. The October 2018 rally marks the event’s 3rd year running.

The SDCC also takes an active role in the development of the Dutchess County Youth Survey, which is administered by CAPE to all 8th, 10th, and 12th graders at participating public schools in Dutchess. The coalition partnered with the New York National Guard to complete targeted community assessments in 2016. In addition, the SDCC incubated a pilot project between WCSD, CAPE, and the East Fishkill Town Court to refer youth to Teen Intervene, as an alternative to arrest for substance use and/or possession. The coalition partners with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department, to conduct compliance checks during key times of the year—prom, graduation, summer and holidays.

The project coordinator for the coalition was chosen to sit on the national ad-hoc committee to review the Alive at 25 curriculum. The SDCC has an arts and education committee that offers free activities for youth at libraries and participating venues. The coalition enjoys a creative partnership with a local media team, resulting in public health campaigns spanning print, digital, television, and social media. In collaboration with the media team, they created the UnWasted campaign. The SDCC also lent its support to a district-wide professional development day at schools, educating approximately 900 staff members in the WCSD on the opiate epidemic.


You can reach us at sdcc@capedc.org or 845-765-8301

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