The Prevention Foundation of the Mid-Hudson Valley


The creation of the Prevention Foundation of the Mid-Hudson Valley was an outgrowth of the Strategic Planning process for the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education of Dutchess County, Inc. (CAPE). The Council’s strategic plan was facilitated by the New York Council of Not for Profits (NYCON) and underwritten by a capacity building grant from the Dyson Foundation. This process occurred during the fall/spring of 2008/2009. The strategic plan covers the time frame from 2009-2012.

As a result of this planning process, the Foundation was formally created in 2011. The legal name of this 501C3 is the Prevention Foundation of the Mid-Hudson Valley (PFMHV). Its primary purpose is to provide financial support to prevention programming and policy with particular emphasis on risks associated with the use/misuse/abuse of alcohol,
tobacco, and other drugs.

Since its formation, PFMHV has been building capacity to assist the Council with growing prevention needs within Dutchess County. PFMHV has a full compliment of Board members, since 2011,
directing this effort.

Both organizations will be creating new strategic plans to address the 2013 Dutchess County Local Government Plan: Mental Health and Chemical Dependency, where Priority Outcome #1 is reducing levels of gambling, alcohol, and other drug abuse risk factors and increase levels of protective factors within the county.

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