“I’d just like to say that the Marathon Project was the first step to me discovering who I really am and no words can truly describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for this group of great people. “
    – Marathon Project participant

    “On behalf of the Dutchess County Magistrates Association, I would like to thank you for being our keynote speaker at our October dinner meeting. Your overview of services provided by the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education was both helpful and informative. We are fortunate to have CAPE in our county and I know that our members were impressed by the many services provided by your organization. We look forward to receiving the new VIP orders and to working together with you on our mutual goal of educating criminal substance abusers.”– Honorable Christi J. Acker, President, Dutchess County Magistrates Association

    ” I want to thank you and the entire Council for putting together the forum for the village on August 20th. It help us open the conversation. “
    – Matt Alexander, Mayor, Village of Wappingers Falls, Dutchess County New York

    “As always, it was wonderful to work with you, the CAPE staff and Board members. The “Power of Prevention” that CAPE brings to the community in a courteous, professional, and compassionate manner is much appreciated and very much needed! All the efforts and work that went into organizing the Youth forum to deliver a timely and important message to teens would not have happened without you and your staff. Please extend my heartfelt thank you to your staff and Board members. And, my personal gratitude and “hats off” to you!”
    – June Ellen Notaro, Director, Division of Youth Services, Dutchess County Department of Services for Aging, Veterans & Youth

    “This program was probably the most valuable gift parents and children can share together–Thank you.”
    -John Jay High School Parent

    “Raising awareness is so important concerning this issue. They have conveyed their message loud and clear! May we all take this to heart and act responsibly! Thank you. It was a wonderfully informative presentation.” – R.C. Ketcham High School Parent

    “I went to one 2 years ago-yes it is worthwhile mandatory infor for our youth and a wake up call for parents.”-Spackenkill High School Parent

    “I worked in hospitals as a nurse for 15 years and saw a few similar courses-yours was the best!”-R.C.Ketcham Parent

    “The program affected me emotionally and made me think twice before I make decisions before getting behind any wheel. I would suggest this to any teen driver preparing to drive or operate any vehicle.”
    -F.D.Roosevelt High School Student

    “This program shows what can happen. I think this is one of the best ways to reach people.”-Dover Sr. High School Student

    “It was very good–it really hit me, and made me realize how serious drinking and driving is.”-Millbrook High School Student

    “Thank you for restricting Parking Permits to those who attend this program.”-Red Hook High School Student

    “Student Assistance provides excellent outreach in our middle school population.”-Red Hook Central School District

    “CAPE programs are a professional and critically needed prevention service.”-Wappingers Central School District

    “Professional, diligent, dependable programs and services.”-Dover Union Free School District

    “Caring, professional, and detailed…services…approachable to students, staff, parents, and community.”Hyde Park Central School District

    “The set up, ease of flow, and organization of the panel was outstanding.”-Conference Participant

    “Well attended and caliber of attendees is indicative of the growing respect for CAPE as a leader in the prevention field and the county!”-Conference Participant

    “Thanks for having the kids tell their story. That’s real life and we need to hear it.”-Conference Participant